EGR + Solenoid Valve Test

EGR + Solenoid Valve Test

EGR + Solenoid Valve Test

Product Details

  • Test and clean 12V valves & solenoids
  • Adaptors for connecting to common valves
  • User friendly, easy to operate
  • Drive & power indicators
  • Overload warning & protection
  • Universal terminals for uncommon connectors
  • Variable duty cycle
  • Hi/Lo frequency modes
  • 12V Powered via vehicle battery or workshop jump pack
  • Designed, manufactured and supported by SP diagnostics in the UK

The new Carbon Clean EGR and solenoid valve tester tool helps the technician
test the integrity of EGR valves and other 12v solenoids, such as vacuum solenoids,
pressure boost valves and actuators, petrol injectors, carbon canisters and even
relays. Because of the tool’s variable frequency, EGR valves can either be cycled
to ensure correct operation or to clean it during its cyclic mode. In high frequency
mode, the valve can be opened progressively, allowing more efficient manual cleaning.


  • Operating voltage 9-15V
  • Switching current 2A
  • Low frequency switching (for ON-OFF opening) approx. 1 per second (1Hz)
  • High frequency switching (for progressive opening) approx. 400Hz
  • Switching duty cycle variable 5%-95%
  • Push-button to select frequency
  • rotary control to vary output switching duty cycle
  • Overload protection for excessive current draw provided by self-resetting trip.
  • LED indicators for power, output status, frequency selection, overload
  • ABS plastic case with protective and ergonomic rubber over-boot
  • Large croc clip battery power connections
  • Interchangeable valve connection adapter leads:

Kit Contents

EGR + Solenois valve tester
Universal terminals for 1.5mm valve connection pins
Universal terminals for 2.8mm valve connection pins
Dedicated 6-pin connector for pierburg/renault 1.9dCi applications (GM,
Nissan, Volvo)
Dedicated 5-pin connector for GM applications
Dedicated 6-pin connector for Ford/Landrover/Jaguar applications
Carry case

Part no: 1455-9000


1) Operation of the EGR valve while HHO passes through the system for improved results

2) Set up both CC16 and EGR+ and walk away (no need to sit in vehicle revving the engine)

3) CC16 & EGR+ will* cure the most common issues of today’s vehicles – blocked DPF’s and seized EGR’s

*assuming the EGR fault is mechanical (i.e stuck with carbon build up and not an electrical failure) and obviously not a guarantee!